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Rosewood State Training School

The Maryland Asylum and Training School for Feeble-minded was incorporated by the General Assembly in 1888, and its name was changed by the General Assembly of 1912 to Rosewood State Training School. It is a permanent charitable institution, owned and entirely supported by the State of....Added: 2/18/2008


Weston State Hospital

Construction was begun by the State of Virginia before the separation of West Virginia from the mother state, the first appropriation having been made by the Legislature of Virginia, March 22, 1858. The institution was opened October 22, 1859, when nine patients were brought from Ohio...Added: 7/16/2007


Forest Haven Asylum

Forest Haven Asylum opened its doors in 1925. During the early years this facility was known as a state-of-the-art treatment facility. With a good reputation this hospital set the standard for other states to follow...Added: 7/16/2007



South Mountain Restoration Center

n 1903 the state legislature donated $8,000 and the first real buildings of White Pine Camp were erected on the grounds. The state money was used to build an assembly building, office building, spring house, and 6 cottages that consisted of 3 rooms, 2 porches, and furniture for each...Added: 7/09/2007



St. Nicholas Coal Breaker

The St. Nicholas Breaker was constructed in 1930 and began operating in 1932. Half of the village of Suffolk was relocated in order to create room for Reading Anthracite's Old St. Nicholas Breaker, the largest coal breaker in the world. 20 miles of railroad track were laid, 3,800 tons of steel and more than 10,000 cubic yards of concrete were used...Added: 6/04/2007



Town of Centralia, PA

In its prime, Centralia was a vibrant community with five hotels, seven churches, nineteen general stores, two jewelry stores, and about twenty-six saloons. Today it is a modern ghost town whose guts have been burned out, and whose main path of ingress has been closed and detoured... Added: 6/05/07




Tome School for Boys

The buildings of the former Tome School for Boys now sit abandoned on the southwest quadrant of the Bainbridge Naval Training Center on a 200' bluff overlooking the town of Port Deposit and the Susquehanna River. The historic district is comprised of 16 buildings on approximately 30 acres... Added: 5/29/07


Henryton State Hospital

Henryton State Hospital is located in a wooded, steeply sloped rural area in the southeast corner of the County. The facility was established in the 1920’s as a tuberculosis hospital for the “Negro” population... Added: 5/21/07




Springfield State Hospital

In 1894, the Legislature of the State of Maryland addressed the issue of overcrowding of the one state operated psychiatric hospital by creating a search committee charged with finding a site for the erection of the “Second Hospital for the Insane of Maryland”. This legislation was proposed by John Hubner of... Added: 5/21/07


Waverly Hills Sanatorium

In 1900, Louisville, Kentucky had the highest tuberculosis death rate in the country. This was due to the fact Louisville is such a low valley area and before development, was basically all swampland and perfect breeding ground for the Tuberculosis bacteria. As with many other towns and cities across the country, hospitals were needed to care for the...Added: 2006



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